Dear Friends,

It’s been a little over 50 days that I’ve been in quarantine. How about YOU?
The days and weeks are just passing us by as we’re continuing to work remotely and manage our work, right?

But have you paused for a minute and expressed gratitude?

Gratitude To?
To TEAM who’s managing so well in spite of being in a different environment.
To Family who is adjusting with your new work routine at home
And lastly, to Yourself because you’ve been trying to adapt and push yourself in spite of the situation that we’re in.

All of the above require a certain degree of compassion, resilience, patience and strength. So, definitely take a moment to allow everything that has been happening for the past few weeks to sink into your senses.

Just be grateful for all that you’ve been able to do, for all that support you’ve been receiving from your team, family and community.

This crisis has transformed us all. Isn’t it something to think about?

As for me, I’m deeply thankful for YOU and so very proud of HOW you’ve been coping with the situation.

Continue to invest in yourself

Pramod Minocha
Managing Director

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